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A walk down memory lane - some screen shots of DesignWare products from around 1983.
Most of these files are around 120k. Click each one to view...
Designware games playable online at the Internet Archive Play now!
Designware 1982 Presentation PDF file (1.6mb download)
Designware 1991, 1992 parties Go to the party page (Lesley!)
Computer Discovery Ready to play?
You made it in 13 steps.
Creature Creator Make a creature
Dance with the creature.
Crypto Cube Animals.
Facemaker Make a face
Animate the face.
Great Computer Gameworks (For Creative Publications)
Playing pieces
Jim & Clark compete
Spinnaker Software versions FaceMaker and
Story Machine
Math Maze Title
Reader's Digest - Problem Solving Just one picture is all that is left of this product! However, it ensured the survival of the company. (Ask Jim how.)
Spellagraph #1
Spellakazam Title
Spellicopter #1

The Hand! With Apple-II.
1982 - moving to 185 Berry Street...
Who is this?
A whole bucket o' photos!