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what red7 does

Red7 provides web application development services using PHP and WordPress frameworks, and associated server configuration management. We have done many things over the years, but that‘s what we focus on now. This includes prototyping, full development, launch and operation. We handle the geeky stuff so you don’t have to worry. Ask our clients.


Red7 mixed-reality technologies made it possible to integrate learning, a real-world game, and hands-on support for a complex technology, into participants’ real lives. (Scroll down for more about fun+games.)

Free speech is closely linked with freedom of the press and human rights. We help bloggers and NGOs by monitoring critical web sites. (Scroll down—or visit


Sky writes articles on tech and consciousness from time to time. (Visit blog)

Email inquiries [PGP key] or [PGP key]
Phone +1 415.759.7337

who is red7?

Red7 is a California corporation whose employees live and work primarily in the San Francisco Bay Area.

We also operate virtually, as required for specific projects, employing experts from other parts of the US.

The company's CEO is Jim Schuyler (AKA "Sky").

Portfolio — a selection of 13 interesting websites and projects we’ve completed recently

Ancient History (pre-web)

MultiTutor and CDS



Between 2002 and 2009, I (*) designed and operated a number of mixed-reality games in which people interacted through phones and smartphones, email and SMS/TXT messaging, to play out scenarios in physical or conceptual space. —Sky

See the interactive mural projects with Eileen Clegg, in which we created audio and video segments to add to Eileen's unique Visual Insight.


See our mixed-reality games conducted in collaboration with Joel Tan (and the community engagement group) at YBCA, Mark (Spoonman) Petrakis, and Where’s Wiki?, created by committee and played at the Institute for the Future.

Free speech is closely linked with freedom of the press and the defense of human rights. is a Red7 project that provides free open source software and services to monitor the performance of NGO, journalist, and blog sites. Read more about this at ...

When a website comes under attack, Cyberspark software can alert its owners or defenders by email or SMS/TXT message.


All of the software and documents are available on github. They can be downloaded and used, forked, modified and adapted free of charge under a Creative Commons by-nc-sa license.

Contact us by email at [PGP key]


Red7 Communications, Inc.
San Francisco CA [USA]

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Phone: +1 415 759 7337

(Please no sales calls.)

Email: [PGP Public Key] or [PGP Public Key]