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March 14th, 2015 1-5pm NextNow:A fascinating afternoon of interesting people, interesting conversations

You are invited to three fascinating afternoons of interesting people, interesting conversations with the NextNow Network:

March 14, 2015    Saturday    1-5pm (Light lunch starting@noon) (wine@4pm)     
April 18, 2015   Saturday  1-5pm (Light lunch starting@noon) (wine@4pm)    
May 16, 2015   Saturday    1-5pm (Light lunch starting@noon) (wine@4pm)    

$40 each.  Scholarships available.  All at NextSpace, a coworking space in downtown SF, 1 Hallidie Plaza. Easy access from the Bay Bridge, Caltrain, BART, and MUNI.  Easy parking one block away at the 5th & Mission garage.

To register for March 14th, go to Eventbrite...


The NextNow Network brings together smart, interesting people from a wide array of fields in what Bill Daul describes as a “super-collider for people—a fusion reaction where you get more energy out of it than you put in."  

Your organizers are Bill Daul, Betsy Burroughs and "Sky" (Jim) Schuyler

Our friend, Doug Engelbart, was a member of NextNow from the beginning and he continues to inspire us today. Doug was one of the leading thinkers of the 20th Century and he challenged the world not only to improve collective performance, but to seek to improve the improvement process itself.  That continues to be a core theme for NextNow.

We’ve designed each NextNow Network afternoon so it’s easy and fun for us all to get to know one another, inspire each other and make great connections. We’ll be using the same format NextNow used when it started —one that helped many of us create a lot of the close professional and personal friendships we still have in NextNow to this day.To get the conversations and connections started, each afternoon will feature three 10-minute talks by NextNow members on three wide-ranging topics. Each speaker’s talk will be alternated with time for us to get to know each other, inspire each other and make great connections.

The speakers for March 14th are:

Gayle Karen Young
Chief Talent and Culture Officer, Wikimedia Foundation
Valerie Landau
Co-author, "The Engelbart Hypothesis:
Dialogs with Douglas Engelbart”
and Director of Assessment at
Samuel Merritt University

A third speaker, talking about Doug Engelbart’s ideas and legacy, will be announced soon.

This meeting is sponsored by Red7 ( ) and by NextNow Collaboratory ( )

For detailed speaker bios, as well as links to Doug Engelbart’s work (and a quote by President Obama about Doug from last week!) just scroll down this invitation.

We hope you can join us!  To register for one or more of the afternoons, just go to Eventbrite. Advance registration is required so we can plan the food and have enough seats! If you need a scholarship, please click “Contact the organizer” on the Eventbrite page.


Bill Daul, NextNow Network
Jim (“Sky”) Schuyler, Red7
Betsy Burroughs, President, FocusCatalyst

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Valerie Landau is an American designer, author and educator.

Valerie Landau currently serves as Director of Assessment at Samuel Merritt University where she has designed a groundbreaking software application that facilitates analysis and assessment of how effectively an organization is meeting their goals and objectives at project, program and institutional levels.

Valerie filed two patents with her colleague and mentor, Douglas Engelbart.  They also collaborated on writing the book "The Engelbart Hypothesis: Dialogs with Douglas Engelbart" along with co-author and fellow NextNower, Eileen Clegg.

Valerie is also a co-founder of Program for the Future, a non-profit organization that promotes Engelbart's vision of Collective Intelligence. She has been recognized for mentoring university students in a three year project studying and applying the Engelbart Hypothesis.  She also created an online archive of Engelbart related events and videos.

Valerie is also well known for her work in multimedia at Round World Media where she is an instructional and interaction designer having worked on many award-winning projects, educational games and online courses.  She is the author of the seminal book on online education, "Developing an Effective Online Course," and was recognized with the "Online Pioneer" award.

Valerie began her career working under the legendary Brazilian educator Paulo Freire while working on the literacy campaign in Nicaragua. She graduated from the Harvard Graduate School of Education from the Department of Human Development and Psychology with an emphasis in Technology in Education in 1996.

Gayle Karen Young is a culture-builder and a catalyst for human development.

Currently serving as Chief Culture and Talent Officer at the Wikimedia Foundation, Gayle comes from a rich organizational consulting background with corporate and nonprofit clients. Born in the Philippines to Chinese parents and raised in the United States, she has a multicultural perspective, an adventurous spirit, and a deep commitment to expanding human freedom.

Gayle works to create dynamic organizational cultures in which people can thrive and thus make greater contributions. She acts as the interface between individuals and the systems within which they work, and fosters the development of both. From high-level strategic thinking to practical implementation, the breadth of her toolkit is matched by her adaptive agility.

Her skills include leadership development, change management, instructional design, training, strategic communications, team building, and personal and organizational transformation.

Gayle has a rare capacity to hold multiple perspectives at once, remaining sensitive to the needs of diverse stakeholders and working for higher synthesis. Combining wisdom and warmth with expertise and effectiveness, she elicits trust and inspires transformation.

Her clients have ranged from McDonald’s Corporation to Kaiser Permanente to Yale University to Ernst & Young.

Outside the office, Gayle is passionate about global women’s issues and supporting women in leadership.

She serves as the Board President of Spark, a non-profit dedicated to increasing the investment of young people in women’s human rights both internationally and domestically.

She is also on the board of the Ada Initiative, supporting women in open tech. She has also worked as a facilitator for the Stanford Graduate School of Business Interpersonal Dynamics course and their Women in Management program.

She is keenly interested in the intersection of technology and human rights and supports futurist humanitarian causes.

Douglas Engelbart on Wikipedia

Last week (2/13/15) when President Obama was at Stanford he said this about Doug Engelbart:

“It was from here in 1968 where researcher Douglas Engelbart astonished an audience with two computers connected online, and hypertext you could click on with something called a mouse.

“A year later a computer here received the first message from another computer 350 miles away, the beginnings of what would eventually become the Internet."